Mar 7, 2007

it's 6.48pm

i'm still at the office. Waiting for MDH.. well.. i think this is my leisure time then.. * adjusting my blog template.. (kind of boring tgk same jek layout.. heh heh)*

loan mode :
sign the loan documents already, nothing can be done except wait ! urgh..

transfer mode :
the 4th day ketuk & tanya bos " dah sign dah bos ?".. without further argue.. terus je sign " pi cop kat meja kak **" heh heh. My part is done.. just wait and see la kot..

anak-anak mode :
alhamdulillah.. semua sihat-sihat belaka..

Additional Note :
Happy Birthday to ijah atau nama sebenar ::khadijah othman:: - hik hik.. bagi glemer sket..


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