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Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Feb 27, 2007

loan approved!

Yey! The HR personnel called me this morning, "PN.**** , surat dah boleh collect. Boleh ambil dkt kaunter ok".

Wah.. berbunga-bunga terus mood hari nih.. heh heh. Next task : is to get and contact STL (the lawyer firm), YEY! I would recommend to all ** staff to appoint this firm. Proactively already drafting the loan document without waiting for ** letter a.k.a our approved letter CC to them (as always.. reason being, "orang yang nak sign tuh tade hari nih, memo letter tak boleh nak buat.. and blaa.. blaaa.. ). The lawyer asked me to fax to her 3 pages containing important details.. and she will proceed to contact the developer & the documents .. Impress betul dgn lawyer tadi.

Yati & Pruzz drop by.. & dropping sekali a cake with tagline "Fine Quality Cakes" as promised by Yati for helping her converting some of her assignment – printable. Thank you, my dear. Yummy.. wlpn belum rasa lagi.. heh heh. Ada pape lagi boleh kita tolong ? Meh meh..

Feb 26, 2007

just sign the letter


They have signed my application to transfer somewhere dated last year.. ughh..After reconfirming the date with HR personnel, they will only receive application dated at least 6 month back. Which leads me to not other than meets face to face again with the 'BOSS' and requested for transferred. Well, here the excuses he gave.. :

Can't you wait until restructuring
– (err.. it took maybe next year then to settle with the restructuringlah ,sir.. )
Why ? Not happy ke kejer kat sini ?
– (err.. don't you notice, sir ? but politely answered as "saje dah lama duk sini… nak gih tmpt lain la plak)
You might be reporting to other BOSS after restructuring
– (err.. I'm still at this office aren't it ? What's the purpose ? in polite answer – Hermp.. takpe.. I still wanted to transfer, sir )
Have you got place to go ?
– (err.. just wanted to submit to HR.. which actually a lie.. hah hah..)
I'll sign later, ok
– (err.. can you just sign it, sir ? )
I keep it here , first. Sign later.. ok
(err.. not ok.. just sign , cannot ke sir ? )
Later ok..
– (err.. Ok.. I will come and ask every day.. don't worry sir- { yg nih dlm hati ajelaa.. )


Yey! We haven't yet receive the approval letter but at least HR personnel promise me (insha Allah) we can get it by this week. Date of submission 7 February, so including has been around 20 days has past. We press on the HR personnel on a weekly basis to update us the status. Hence just today, the good news can be confirm. Last 2 week answered was "ada 3 orang perlu sign, satu je lagi nak sign".. after a few days… "satu lagi tak sign dik, dia tgh cuti".. hermp.. susah sangat ke la nak sign. GGrrrr…

* Need to get the approval letter a.s.a.p
* Meet with lawyer to settle loan document. Target can settle within the most is 2 week time {loan document, signing, payment release}
* Get VP and Keys..
* Mov out and Mov in

Can ke ? hah hah..

My first ORENBIJAK™ course

course after CNY holiday. The course title : The Art & Science of Information Management for Peak Performance. I rated the course as 4 out 5. Why ?

+ they gave us free exclusive planner – I like note books, I like writing things down.. cover dia jek, nak beli sendiri dah dekat rm200.. heh heh..

+ it teaches practical ways to organize yourself.. and together with the tool (the planner), no dreamy, high level, philosophical terms.. you need to be like this and that.. bla blaa..

+ keep me on track of what I do, prioritization and organization of my information (before dtg course pun.. dah organize dah.. hah hah.. but more on personal; this time.. it teaches work organization – office mode..)

+ the food is good.. (free mesti ok) , the speaker is ok , well.. overall is ok…

Feb 13, 2007

still here..

masih lagi di sini..
sepi tanpa apa-apa citer nak dikongsi.. heh heh..
the updates ?

* loan approval is ongoing process, once the payment to developer starts, we can start packing our stuff too
* tmbea has been postponed - fuhhh.. penat btul kelam kabut ari tuh.. last-last postpone
* maps & kpi - ?? I'm too stress to talk about it (arghh!)
* rambut amirul telah ku potong sendiri.. sorrylah sayang, mama main potong aje, senget benget ((asalkan nampak lebih kemas dari panjang berceracak))

lain-lain.. ntahlaa.. ok kot?!