Feb 27, 2007

loan approved!

Yey! The HR personnel called me this morning, "PN.**** , surat dah boleh collect. Boleh ambil dkt kaunter ok".

Wah.. berbunga-bunga terus mood hari nih.. heh heh. Next task : is to get and contact STL (the lawyer firm), YEY! I would recommend to all ** staff to appoint this firm. Proactively already drafting the loan document without waiting for ** letter a.k.a our approved letter CC to them (as always.. reason being, "orang yang nak sign tuh tade hari nih, memo letter tak boleh nak buat.. and blaa.. blaaa.. ). The lawyer asked me to fax to her 3 pages containing important details.. and she will proceed to contact the developer & the documents .. Impress betul dgn lawyer tadi.

Yati & Pruzz drop by.. & dropping sekali a cake with tagline "Fine Quality Cakes" as promised by Yati for helping her converting some of her assignment – printable. Thank you, my dear. Yummy.. wlpn belum rasa lagi.. heh heh. Ada pape lagi boleh kita tolong ? Meh meh..


farradasmiley said...

loan approved tu maksudnya nak start membayorr!! eppy jugak ekk
selamat berimaginasi dok umah baru!!

siku|at said...

baru approved jek farra, kena sign loan document lagi, MOT finalised lagi, tunggu HR & lawyer dpt final bill lagi.. disburse payment lagi.. baru la membayor setat..

lal laaa.. imaginasi la lagi dok rumah baru.. hohoo