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Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Mar 30, 2007

item #

Alhamdulillah.. walau seciput atau sebanyak mana pun rezeki diperlimpahkan kali ini.. Aku tetap merasa bersyukur .. ((orang secompanyku.. tade sesape nak organize makan2 di 'resepi rahsia' ke? )).

Happy birthday to dear Hani (29Mar) & happy becoming to dear Zar (31Mar).
Happy 27th to both of you.

I manage to buy secondhand book of Sophie Kinsella from kedai buku @ CM
1. Shopaholic - Can you keep a secret - ((FINISH))
2. Shopaholic - Ties the Knot - ((will start today))

*review* yupp... it's the kind of books i love to read.. real life story.. everyday life..& lawak selambe.. heh heh

buy a new pyjamas for the kids ((shopping2 di lobi office today .. hehhee.. )).
- abang's with ultraman at the 'pocet' ((sebut poket))
- adik's with very happy bear icons all over the pyjamas..

Mar 27, 2007

pufff.. gone

I was searching for an idea, interesting one to talk and write today. Could not find any ? ugh.. WRITERS BLOCK ?! hah hah hah.. such a big word for me the ‘sang blogger kecilan’ ini.. hahahhahaha.. ((perasan la tuh cam writer tersohor))

So just a summarise of today event ajela..

I was left alone today (@ office). Zarid 'puff..gone ' to orenBijak for 2 straight day. Won’t be seeing her until then. Ummi pula has 'puff..gone' to klia/lcct terminal ((not surela plak..ahah)).. catching up with her best friend (heh heh). She is already on her way to Langkawi. Goodluck bershopping dear sis.

Oh.. by the way, ummi already give a pre-souvenir prior her departure tadi. See the attach image.

.1.A bottle of Lipton Ice Tea Red. (Hermp.. sejuk.. sedap jugak air nih.)…

.2.And see the empty seats in the office.. I wonder where does everyone else has ‘puff.. gone” too ?

Mar 26, 2007

It’s the thought that counts

Well.. let just say that I’m official a 27 year old woman. Ughh.. kindda weird since at heart I’m still 18 .. ahah. MDH wished me birthday.. using the 2 kids.. (( well.. I think it was supposed to be said.. “Mama.. happy birthday.. “ )) but instead Amirul came to me and said “Mama nak happy birthday”. Hehehe.. apo-apola.

I am not fancy at anything for my birthday, but felt a bit surprised when most of my friend and even my siblings really have forgotten my birthday. Uhuhuh.. sadnya. Well.. as we grew older.. ada apola with birthday right? To those yang wishes me .. thank you.. thank you.. yang call & wish.. lagi laa terharu rasanye..

How was my day spent ? We watched Death Note 2 (The Last Name) and then followed with scary Korean movie @ channel kirana. Then suddenly was invited to yati & pruzz pre-house warming session. Thank you my dear yati for inviting us.. Eventhough korang pun lupe birthday kite.. ((uwaaaa)) tapi takpe.. dapat gak makan cheese cake yati (ala-ala birthday kek la tuh). Stayed at yati&pruzz house until 8pm. Instead of straight going home, MDH brings us (me & the kids) to makan-makan lagi. This time makan nasi + tomyam + the usual menus.. @ kedai. Hehehe..

I wish to take this opportunity to thank; My Dear Hubby.. for being here with me. No fancy birthday gift pun takpe.. (( tapi kalau nak bagi.. boleh aje.. ;) )). Last year.. he has to work during my birthday.. last 2 year.. I was away at Langkawi on my birthday.. Being with my family this year was more than anything that i could wish for. .. It’s the thought that counts, really.

Often in times of trouble we
don't know what to say,
So we choose to say nothing,
and sometimes run away
When friends are really hurting,
we don't know what to do,
So we offer weak excuses
or say we're hurting too.
It really doesn't matter
what kind of gift we bring;
We only need to be there
if we don't bring a thing.
It truly is amazing
what a hug can do,
When heartache numbs the senses,
and friends depend on you.
There's comfort just in knowing
that you are not alone,
When tears are overflowing,
and hearts are cold as stone.
It's the loving prayers of others
that balance our accounts,
For when we measure love,
it's still the thought that counts.

courtesy of ~ Clay Harrison

Mar 22, 2007

it's about...

+ visit to hani & new baby girl

I would again like to congratulate my dear friend for her 3rd child. As planned earlier in the morning, we (siku|at & myZa) manage to escape from office @ 11.45am and took a taxi to PMC and visit her. Ahh.. I miss the feeling when we hold a newborn.. soft.. peace.. fragile.. cute. .etc. (( err but not yet can consider one for myself at this moment la kot.. hehehehhe, need to wait my IUD expired date dulu.. baru can consider).

+ is it the mentality ? or personality ? or stupidity ? or hasad dengki ?

Finally the long awaited review & reviewer of TMBEA came on last Tues & Wed (20 & 21 Mar). Well the overall review session was ok. We felt confidence that we can achieve the targeted 600 point .. “kacang je nih..boleh score nihs”.. tapi biasa laaa.. it’s still up to the reviewer management review so and so.. we have tried our best (with the slide.. and deployement.. and the evidence.. etc) .. bertegang urat leher with QIBE personnel while he was wondering around (so called site visit).. etc.. SO TUNGGU jek la diorang bagi markah nanti..

But what was more interesting; when I was told..

Some background information for dear readers (those who have known me since school /uni or perhaps really know me & how I do my work at office..know the look and feel of my presentation slide / output /design ) Moreover that I made my presentation slide using the latest version of PEJABAT2007. (biasalah kan keje kite menginstall dan try2 software nih.. ) So.. the story goes.. A and C was chatting with each other while I & my subsystem champion was presenting our subsystem elements. B was sitting in the middle of A & C ; so there is no way that B couldn’t hear what they were talking about … here goes the conversation of A & C.. (( more or less the same la kot.. )) “ Dia tade keje.. boleh la buat presentation macam tuh..!” …

What the *#%^%#$#$% .. without knowing anything about another person, they can easily say or assign bad labels to other people. Starting from that moment.. I could not even look at A .. I felt sick. Sorry laaa.. Once orang dah cakap macam tuh ttg. kite.. I won’t consider to even tgk muke dia dah. Like MDH said this morning .. “susah nak cakap orang Malaysia nih. Kalau dah perangai tuh buruk.. tak kire le.. kereta besar ke.. kecik ke.. sekolah pandai ke.. masuk U ke.. ada degree ke.. tadeke.. kalau dah hodoh perangai.. hodoh la jugak..” .. err.. dia senarnya marah kat orang potong ‘Q’ kereta masa kat simpang keluar rumah.. heheh.. tapi.. it’s relate to all laa.. naik kereta ke.. kat pejabat ke..

Firman Allah yang bermaksud :

“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jauhilah daripada perasaan prasangka (buruk sangka), sesungguhnya sebahagian daripada prasangka itu ada dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan janganlah sebahagian daripada kamu mengumpat sebahagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang daripada kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang telah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Oleh yang demikian, bertaqwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah maha penerima taubat lagi maha pengasih sayang.”

p/s: Ntahlaa.. biarlah orang buat saya sakit hati, jangan saya buat orang sakit hati sudah..

Mar 21, 2007

Congrate lagi..

Tahniah kepada Hani & Hire di atas kelahiran puteri pertama mereka pada 20 Mac 2007 jam 10.57pm di Pantai Medical Center, Bangsar.

p/s: gambar courtesy of Hani. (belum lawat lagi.. send via SMS.. hehehe)

Mar 15, 2007

congratulation to Armizy & Azlida

ohh.. lupe nak add-in the latest update on Mizie & Ida. Diorang berdua dah selamat mendapat baby boy pada 13March2007 @ 1830hour di Hospital Pakar An Nur Sek.9 Bdr Baru Bangi.

p/s: semalam MDH ada dapat mesej dari Mizie berserta nama baby.. errr.. tak berapa pasti.. lebih kurang namanye Khairul Anuar Najmi Bin Armizy. rasenye laaaaa.. heh heh..


focus on the biggest portion and the smallest portion in our & the children brains.. heh heh.

credit : Mark Parisi for his creative ideas..

Mar 12, 2007


aku terkena penyakit m.a.l.a.s hari nih. So, aku makan panadol..
+ ((erh penyakit m.a.l.a.s boleh ilang ngan panadol ke ? ahaha.. dok dok.. aku makan sbb. aku rasa perut aku cam semacam jek .. so before sakit la plak.. ni kang.. aku telan panadol dulu))
pagi-pagi ada jugakla buat keje sket-sket. masuk pukul 10.. aku dah blank.. aku donlod game utk ppc aku..
+ ((inspired drpd. gadget terkini MDH.. hehe))
aku dah berjaya crack game.. dah install.. lepas tuh aku tak main pun..
+ (( err.. apela, aku rasa puashati berjaya crack je.. bukan sesungguh nak main pun... ))
kol 12 .. aku rasa pening.. loya.. sudahnye aku pegi toilet basuh muke.. dan uweeekkkk
(( err..apolaa.. gatal makan panadol sebelum makan.. kang dah jadik lagi pening la plak.. dizzyyy.. sib baik perut aku yang tadi cam nak start sakit.. tak jadik sakit..))
aku lunch cam biasa kol 1. Walaupun ahli lunch hari ini tinggal aku & lela jek. Oklaa.. makan ttp makan.
+ ((topik hari ini.. tak lain tak bukan.. MAPS.. BONUS.. dan sewaktu dengannya. ))

dan selepas lunch tuh.. aku pun tatau ape aku buat ? takde perkataan lebih sesuai melainkan M.A.L.A.S

p/s: ughh..

credit : cartoon by Mark Parisi. Copyrighted nih.. hehehhe.. selambe jek cilok..

Mar 10, 2007

it's 11.09pm & MAPS result is now available

dear friend (yang se'company).. maps rating can be view from ''career profile".

Mar 8, 2007

an overview

Antiaris Type A; ours in not in this row.. heh heh..
((cilok gambar kat portal developer))

it's 1.07pm

lunch hour.. me & ummi are waiting for zarid ; kesian erh meeting waktu lunch hour. Apela diorang nih (orang2 yang panggey meeting ) , have no respect betul utk orang lain. It's lunch hour, release la orang-orang spt zarid tuh.. (kesian dia.. nanti lapa baby dia nanti.. heh heh.. ).

SO ? What to do while waiting erh ? i've thought of uploading some photo's during my trip to the showhouse at SA. Macam maleh la plak nak cari dan plugkan kabel phone nih.. heh hee. jap.. carik kabel.. mane erh ?

p/s: tgh geledah meja..

value statement

i wanted to share to all these values that i learn during my last training on being effective person. i wrote it down in my planner (becoz the trainer ask us to do so). but i really like it. so here's mine (in which most of it is written & originally the values of the founder of the concept.. heh heh.. )

I value HAPPINESS ; I must be happy with what I do
I value GOOD LIFE ; Ability to decide what I like to do with life
I value GOOD DEED ; For my spiritual good being
I value FRIENDSHIP ; Friends help enrich my life
I value CONTINUES LEARNING ; Knowledge help me to progress
I value GOOD HEALTH ; Health must not be a hindrance to what I do

Mar 7, 2007

it's 6.48pm

i'm still at the office. Waiting for MDH.. well.. i think this is my leisure time then.. * adjusting my blog template.. (kind of boring tgk same jek layout.. heh heh)*

loan mode :
sign the loan documents already, nothing can be done except wait ! urgh..

transfer mode :
the 4th day ketuk & tanya bos " dah sign dah bos ?".. without further argue.. terus je sign " pi cop kat meja kak **" heh heh. My part is done.. just wait and see la kot..

anak-anak mode :
alhamdulillah.. semua sihat-sihat belaka..

Additional Note :
Happy Birthday to ijah atau nama sebenar ::khadijah othman:: - hik hik.. bagi glemer sket..