Service saya simple sahaja.. :)

Saya cuma charge part creative RM100 for 40 pg photobook +  price for printing & delivery photobook is based on pricing yg ada di (normally without any groupon vouchers, always has 40% discount on printing.

  1. Anda perlu pilih size dan material printing. 
  2. Image upload : 
    • If dah agree sumenya, you can upload the images in my DROPBOX folder or vise versa (you share, I download dari sana
    • For 40 pages - maximum 200 picture, kalau kurang dari itu pun ok sbb bleh maximisekan satu page dgn kurang picture.
    • If possible, kalau image tuh ada different2 events, separate it dalam folder berlainan
  3. Design 
    • saya akan susun & create proof for you to comments / add caption
    • akan ada beberapa round of proof & comment session until you puas hati.. :)
    • Masa depending on the comments / editing diperlukan (dlm seminggu insya Allah)
  4. Project Upload & Printing  - once semuanya dah puas hati, saya akan upload the material (this take around 5-7 working day)
  5. Delivery saya akan hantar dulu pada saya (sbb nak check dulu qualitynye), then only I delivery to customer. (immediately kalau ok semuanya saya pos to customer) 

For more information and enquiry, email me @