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Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Still under construction.. :P

Will update the slider later later la ek.. maleh nak pk.. muahhahah.

Apr 30, 2007

on leave post

i'm at home. A.L.O.N.E. on leave from work & from the kids also.. (saje lepak2 sorang dirumah; kemas2 - errkkk.. tak setat pun laie; berguling-guling; tidoo... eheh). Dok2 depan pc.. browsing ntah hape-hape.

I' m back on the mood of decorating the new house.. (well.. the MOT thingy seems like dah almost settle.. waiting to hear the good news that payment can be release at last). So both of us (me & MDH).. have started to berangan-angan semula.. and start to calculate back the budget and blaa.. blaaa..

maybe May in the last month 'kekanak di hantar' ke current nursery a.k.a. 'skol'. Sure sedih kakak-kakak yang dah menjaga bebudak dua ketul tuh sejak baby. Hermp..

.. a day at school...

"Abang and Adam..."

"oohh.. baiknye abang & adik.. "

"..abang and gang.. "

"...reading time.. "

" best of friend.. Adam again.. "

" ..uh.. it's girl thing.. "

p/s: hermp.. got to 'kemas' plak.. off the typing for now..

Apr 25, 2007

fire ke?!

+ post tertangguh +
~kami kena turun tangga 23rd floor sampaila -3 (uhh uhh..Sampai tika ini.. aku tak pasti kenapa kitorang kena turun ari tuh?). Katanya ada floor mana ntah terbakar.. (dongak jugak ke atas.. taknampak pun asap ? erkk..)

p/s: hehhee.. edit muke sendiri jek - ((pling! ilang)). hohoho...::..
erh.. lupe plak nak citer pasal gamba nih.. "Inilah barisan pejalan kaki yang kelenguhan otot kakinya setelah menapak hingga ke bawah. Hermp.. nampak sampai ujung2 gambar pun ada laie org yang tengah menapak. Nak amik gambar kat tangga.. tapi ruangan sempit.. tak pasal-pasal tergolek dok plak kat tangga. ((hehehehe))

Apr 24, 2007

before I die

It has been a while since my last post. Was away from the office last Wednesday & Thursday.. went for credit awareness course. I’ve gain some new knowledge especially on human behavior, personality, ways to improve yourself (subject I like most.. use to score A+ for any subject related to this.. ; oh.. forget to mentioned to you all that I used to have an ambition in becoming Psychiatrist.. but ohh.. well who need a psychiatrist in Malaysia anyway – except in H.Bahagia maybe.. hehhe) .

One of the things I want to share to you all is this 3 things to say before someone die (as for me.. I need to say/do this before I die) .. especially important person such as your spouse, childrens, parents, siblings, and even your close friends.. This is important to do, so that you won’t be carrying the emotional burden inside your system. Say this to them.. face to face if possible.. (I miss the opportunity to do this to my mother – she passed away about 3 years ago.. ohh.. I never said even once that I love her. – ‘sad’).

To all my dear friends, my blog readers.. anyone that have connected to me.. be friend with me.. everyone that knew me.. wholeheartedly , I


Apr 17, 2007

OB : Chapter 1

Organization Behavior : Chapter 1: Restructuring

“Restructuring" I think my company likes this terms so much that they decided to restructure every now and then. Minor reorganization can be heard almost every days in our working life, that department.. that units.. combine here and there.. diminished that unit.. redundant job.. well.. personally I think this company .. nope .. I think the people are too busy with restructuring themselves rather than go and sell product to customer.. go and ask the staff… if you don’t believe me.. They manage to much of internal process than serving the customer. And another big wave of reorganization is coming very near.. maybe next month. In which ((with valid source on information – even my GM was telling me the news)) I will be transferred to another division.

It’s a welcoming news actually, as I have long felt the de-motivation of working with my current B. Err, but some says that the new B will more or less the same with current B. Well, I don’t mind.. just try to work out the best of me for another 2 year .. let see what happen afterwards la .. PASRAH. Transferred again and again.. I’m not that ambitious pun.. enough for me to have some salary, enough time with my family..& happy.. & healthy …. BERSEDERHANALAH.

I have applied for 2 day leave. Which leads me to a long holiday mood next week. Yey.. 7 straight day.. If only , we have receive our house key by then. Boleh move in masa tu.. ((waaa..waaa.. waaaa.. bile nak dapat kunci nih ??))

Okla.. off my note for today.

Apr 16, 2007

HMFD attack - part ii

update on HFMD attack kat dua ketul budak di rumah tuh.

for those yang mencari-cari apakah sebenarnya HFMD nih.. refer to my previous post in 2006 -here-

kalau dilihat dengan mata kasar, nampak duaorang tuh dah mcm sehat & clear daripada tanda-tanda HFMD. Tanda-tanda seperti "ulcer dlm mulut, bibir, lelangit, lidah"; ruam seakan-akan demam campak di sekitar "siku, lutut, kaki, tepi abdomen badan, bahu" semua dah hilang *pling!*. Sepanjang seminggu lepas, secara kebetulannya MIL/FIL dan BIL dtg rumah. So, penat lelah nak menjaga duorang budak yg. diserang HFMD dapat di spreadkan dengan jayanya kepada beberapa orang.. ((beruntung betul ada PIL mcm diorang nih)). Dan minggu nih pun, MIL & FIL masih lagi stay dirumah untuk menengok2 kan sang kanak-kanak dua ketul tuh. Takut jugak kena balik ataupun worst hantar ke nursery & jadik penyebab outbreak HFMD di sekitar Bdr Sri Permaisuri plak.. hehehhehe..

For info : HFMD nih mmg tiada specific ubat utknya. Doktor akan prescribe ubat demam biasa, calamine lotion, ubat selsema / tahan gatal, cream utk gatal & ruam, dan jelly utk sapuan dlm mulut. Parent kena alert kalau temperature anak-anak meningkat tinggi sgt ((cth : 38 + )) atau anak-anak tidak mahu langsung makan & minum.. Sila bawa anak anda ke hospital berdekatan. HFMD nih hanya menyerang kanak-kanak under 3 selalunye.. Lebih bahaya lagi kalau baby yang kena (under 1yrs).. makin kecil umur anak, makin kurang imunity badan.. so infection mungkin merebak ke internal organ (nauzubillah). So better be careful utk parent-parent sekalian.

Apr 10, 2007

HFMD attack

uhh.. both my kids are being attack with HFMD virus.

Apr 5, 2007

an offer ?

tiba-tiba pihak TIARATOT call.. offer 'Abang' a place there. For toddler (age 3 /4).

But 'Adik' still cannot be accepted maybe until next year ..

Dear readers .. what should i do ?

-it is ok to separate them ?
-emotionally effected tak ?
-dah try buat rayuan tadi.. tapi age 2 and below.. tiada kekosongan ..
-cemane nih ? ughhh

p/s: kena decide but today.. cane nih ?

Apr 2, 2007

next 5 minutes....

ultraman nexus & baby bear

"mama kite pakai baju yang ada ultraman nexus kat pocet okeyh" . heh.. so proud dgn baju yang ada ultraman kat pocet ((sebut poket)). So semalam, di pakaikan kedua kekanak ini dengan baju tido yg. mama baru beli last week.

Lama tak upload gamba kekanak nih.. so here goes.. aksi ketika mesra & baik ((adala dalam 5 minit kot.. utk beraksi kat lense phonecam mama nih.. )) Next 5 minit tuh.. dah ketuk-ketuk dah sesama sendiri.. & meraunggggg.. !!

p/s: pagi tadi amirul tamoh bangun tido.. puas kitorang bergilir kejut.. sampaikan MDH dah bukak pintu & grill pun dia still tamoh bangun. My last tactic was "abang... jom bangun jom. Kite pergi school.. pastu leh cakap kat Adam ((best friend dia kat school)) ..Abang ada baju ultraman kat pocet .. haaa.. " Berdesup dia bangun.. ngan terpisat-pisat tuh .. "Jom mama jom.. mane kasut abang nih ?".. ((heh.. ))