Mar 27, 2007

pufff.. gone

I was searching for an idea, interesting one to talk and write today. Could not find any ? ugh.. WRITERS BLOCK ?! hah hah hah.. such a big word for me the ‘sang blogger kecilan’ ini.. hahahhahaha.. ((perasan la tuh cam writer tersohor))

So just a summarise of today event ajela..

I was left alone today (@ office). Zarid 'puff..gone ' to orenBijak for 2 straight day. Won’t be seeing her until then. Ummi pula has 'puff..gone' to klia/lcct terminal ((not surela plak..ahah)).. catching up with her best friend (heh heh). She is already on her way to Langkawi. Goodluck bershopping dear sis.

Oh.. by the way, ummi already give a pre-souvenir prior her departure tadi. See the attach image.

.1.A bottle of Lipton Ice Tea Red. (Hermp.. sejuk.. sedap jugak air nih.)…

.2.And see the empty seats in the office.. I wonder where does everyone else has ‘puff.. gone” too ?