Mar 26, 2007

It’s the thought that counts

Well.. let just say that I’m official a 27 year old woman. Ughh.. kindda weird since at heart I’m still 18 .. ahah. MDH wished me birthday.. using the 2 kids.. (( well.. I think it was supposed to be said.. “Mama.. happy birthday.. “ )) but instead Amirul came to me and said “Mama nak happy birthday”. Hehehe.. apo-apola.

I am not fancy at anything for my birthday, but felt a bit surprised when most of my friend and even my siblings really have forgotten my birthday. Uhuhuh.. sadnya. Well.. as we grew older.. ada apola with birthday right? To those yang wishes me .. thank you.. thank you.. yang call & wish.. lagi laa terharu rasanye..

How was my day spent ? We watched Death Note 2 (The Last Name) and then followed with scary Korean movie @ channel kirana. Then suddenly was invited to yati & pruzz pre-house warming session. Thank you my dear yati for inviting us.. Eventhough korang pun lupe birthday kite.. ((uwaaaa)) tapi takpe.. dapat gak makan cheese cake yati (ala-ala birthday kek la tuh). Stayed at yati&pruzz house until 8pm. Instead of straight going home, MDH brings us (me & the kids) to makan-makan lagi. This time makan nasi + tomyam + the usual menus.. @ kedai. Hehehe..

I wish to take this opportunity to thank; My Dear Hubby.. for being here with me. No fancy birthday gift pun takpe.. (( tapi kalau nak bagi.. boleh aje.. ;) )). Last year.. he has to work during my birthday.. last 2 year.. I was away at Langkawi on my birthday.. Being with my family this year was more than anything that i could wish for. .. It’s the thought that counts, really.

Often in times of trouble we
don't know what to say,
So we choose to say nothing,
and sometimes run away
When friends are really hurting,
we don't know what to do,
So we offer weak excuses
or say we're hurting too.
It really doesn't matter
what kind of gift we bring;
We only need to be there
if we don't bring a thing.
It truly is amazing
what a hug can do,
When heartache numbs the senses,
and friends depend on you.
There's comfort just in knowing
that you are not alone,
When tears are overflowing,
and hearts are cold as stone.
It's the loving prayers of others
that balance our accounts,
For when we measure love,
it's still the thought that counts.

courtesy of ~ Clay Harrison


mamselle said...

alahai semah, jgn la sesedih yek. anyway, happy belated birthday!

robertswayze said...

Birthdays are always a special day for us...and best enjoyed in the company of good friends and loved ones...i'm sure you had a great day...and well for some more birthday goodies just drop by my blog on Birthday Wishes sometime and enjoy all that's posted there!!!

matasipit said...

Selamat hari lahir.. :)

hmm cam pelik jer.. when i was celebrating my 27th bday pun most of my frens n family lupa.. seriusly.. i guess they never thot that we can be THAT old kot.. :)

uja said...

semah,actually kite call awak that sabtu pg.saje nk wat morning-bday-call tp no kita tk tggal plk bday wish kt blog nih or sms(kredit abis tp tk gune plk hanset hubby.why ntah..).
anyway happy belated bday semah..