Jun 14, 2007

Emotional Intelligent

ORENBIJAK training kali ni mmg. sungguh mencabar objective yang nak disampaikan. Bukan calang-calang dugaan nak menutup majlis belajar tuh, bila one of the participant had epilepsy attack. Panik, stress, panggil la apa saja EMOTIONS yang ada.. sume sekali gus datang. Do I have the needed EQ at that moment ? Dah lama tak rasa cabaran yang besar dtg dalam mydaily life. Last sekali , maybe bila kena lahirkan anak. Something unknown, life at stake, but we need to go thru it.

Samale mcm semalam. For the first time in mylife; depan mata orang kena epilepsy dan lebih dahsyat lagi, sitting beside me, talks to me 1 sec before, and she had it. I saw she jerk before that, and asked her .."kenapa ? pening ke?" and she said.. " yalah.. i feel a bit dizzy. Sat beside me, take her spoon.. cepat sangat rasanya serangan tu happen.. She dropped her food.. start shaking .. hands, body, head.. everything.. It took me a while to move at first. I get up, hold her shoulder.. another one (sit in front of me also get up) and hold her. She started to 'menggelungsur' dari kerusi.... & .........

Takut gile ! ( that was actually what i had in mind) .. bile the epilepsy episode is starting to settle.. 4 -5 minute later.. I even check did she still breaths or not ? (don't die..don't die..). Scary sangat scary... But they say I was really calm attending to that situation; others said (especially women participant) they would had shrieked out and perhap 'pengsan' sekali sbb terlalu panik.

From the incident, we have a few extra point to ponder :
1. Please key-in your husband phone number; in your mobile with familiar name/calls " hubby OR husband OR mydarling OR Abang ((malaysian taula kot nak guest.. )).. so be ready!
2. Don't go anywhere alone... she's so lucky that she had it during lunch. Not alone in the toilet .. etc
3. When someone had an epilepsy:
- put spoon in between his/her teeth
- put she/he in the position he/she can breath easily


Farra said...

dpt extra knowledge apart of EQ yek

siku|at said...

hermp.. rasanye handling episode tuh, cam praktikal EQ.. tapi real punye .. hohohoho.. traumatic gak rasa. Cam teringat-ringat lagi dalam kepala.. uhhuh..