Jun 28, 2007

Creative Error Buster

balik dari course EQ arituh, kami telah membuat satu personality test.
The result are as below :

There will be fewer accidents on the road or at the workplace or home if people are as careful as you are in their approach to life. ((akk.. careful kah aku ini ?? macam konfius plak))You are cautious in who becomes your friends. You always do things very differently from others. You are full of new ideas, which you would like other to know. You may best do this by engaging in artistic endeavors. You prefer new approaches to traditional ways of doing things. Thus, you are likely to be seen as a reformer.

You empathize with people's problems and by doing so you would help alleviate their sufferings. The saying, Most organizations would happily settle for anyone as conscientious as you are. Sincere appreciation from others would make you really feel motivated.

With your strong orientation towards commitments, reliability and dedication you will be an asset to any organization, (( am I an asset ? to the organization ? hahaha.. )) You perform best in relaxed friendly working environment.

You should have more confidence in yourself. ((a'ah mmg tak konfiden pun.. )) There are times you must insist that things be done on time so that an entire system does not malfunction or becomes retarded as a result of an over-tolerant attitude toward those under your supervision. ((alamak.. mmg tak boleh jadik leader la cenggini.. tak reti nak marah orang.. )) Learn once in a while to get something started on your own, especially for something that you believe in.

Although patience is a strength, you must maintain a delicate balance so as not to sacrifice efficiency or allow other to trample your dignity. In the midst of the crowd, maintain your identity as a unique individual with your own thoughts and opinions.

strength; Always try to do things correctly ; Like to be precise ; Are quite and reserved ; Are cautious ; try to live in harmony with others; Set high internal standards for yourself

weaknesses; Tend to worry easily; Are easily bored, constantly desiring to do new things; Need constant assurance and encouragement; Tend to lack confidence in yourself; Are easily misunderstood by others; Tend to be indecisive; Tend to argue with others

p/s: gamba hanyalah hiasan .. semata..mata..


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