Jun 25, 2007

Amirul first day at Tiaratot

the topic explain well , i think.
So, it's amirul a.k.a abang first day at new school. Sungguh bersemangat! .. bangun pagi2.. sanggup mandi sejuk-sejuk.. sibuk tanya mana beg abang.. bla blaa blaaa... and off we go to the office with him today. Masuk je ke 'school' baru tadi.. dia dah start genggam tangan mama dia nih. Jumpa teacher baru.. dia genggam lagi kuat .. dan buat-buat tak pandang jek teacher dia... Letak barang.. mama bawak amirul pusing-pusing kelas.. pusing-pusing kat luar kelas.. duduk kat meja luar.. amik kaler-kaler.. conteng kertas sket dengan dia.. & again explaining that.. mama gih keje kat opis ok.. kat sebelah jek. Abang dok kat school baru ngan kawan baru.. teacher baru.. ok. Dia jawab 'OK'. Mama pun bawak amirul jumpe teacher sekali lagi.. bagi hints, mama nak masuk opis dah nih... dah 8.15am. Teacher pun panggil-panggil amirul.. ajak tgk gambar.. ((lagi kuat abang genggam tangan mama)). Teacher pun cakap.. "mmg nangis first time.. takpe meh sini meh amirul.. " Mama pun tolak lembut tangan abang.. pass dekat teacher.. abang pun start tak keruan.. mama terus pusing dah langkah steady kuar..

"Mama.. mama... maaaaaaaaa..uwaa.. uwaaa.. "

Sorry sayang, mama kena juga pergi office.. mama kena jugak tinggalkan abang sekejap dengan teacher. Sekejap aje.. nanti abess keje mama amik abang ok.. abang belajar dengan kawan-kawan baru.. ok. Abang jangan nangis-nangiss... abangkan good boy mama. ((mama kat opis nih.. rasa cam nak jek pegi jenguk abang kat school baru.. Nangis ke lagi ? mahu ke dia makan ? mahu ke die berkawan ? .. serba serbi pertanyaan dalam kepala mama.. ?? ))
::some tips from babycenter:: If your child has separation anxiety, she probably has trouble being away from you. Here's how you can help her become more comfortable being on her own: Be confident about goodbyes. Your departure is hard on your toddler, but if you act as if it's no big deal and you know you'll be back soon, you'll help calm her fears. Phrase your goodbye in a sympathetic but matter-of-fact manner, and then make a beeline for the door. If your child does dissolve into tears, try not to let her see that her feelings are upsetting you. Practice being absent. You can help your child get used to your leaving and coming back by using a kitchen timer. Set it for five minutes, and tell her "Mommy's going away in the other room for five minutes, and I'll be back." Once she understands that you'll return, set the timer for longer intervals until she's ready for a longer separation such as preschool. Avoid sneaking out. Although you may think it'll help your child not to see you leave, sneaking out will actually upset her more. Once she realizes you've left without saying goodbye, she may cry and worry about your coming back. Show her you love her. Consistently give your child love and support and she'll build the confidence she needs to strike out on her own. Encourage her anytime she tries something on her own, but don't push her away when she runs back to you for reassurance. She'll want and need this for a long time to come


kaezrin said...

efi pun cam gitu...now steady ajer even cam sebak2 gitu....

siku|at said...

hahah.. tadi pun meraung lagi.. wahahhahaha