Mar 27, 2008

Baitul Fitrah Project

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Baitul Fitrah Project

Our company is adopting an orphanage home, "Baitul Fitrah", based in Rawang for a one-year period. Among the objectives of the program are to instill strong community values and team building among the participants, apply and impart the company’s Shared Values and enhance social cohesion through community involvement and to raise awareness of the less fortunate and to foster positive social bond with the local community.

But our main aspiration for the project is not gonna be a simple “makan-makan” and go home. We want to help them improve themselves as human beings, boost their self esteem and motivate them to be better in all aspect of life.

We want to help them to help themselves.

So we’re planning to organize some effective programs every month

A brief introduction on Baitul Fitrah

The founder, Ummu Liza worked at a funeral home before she started "Baitul Fitrah" in 2006. “Baitul Fitrah” is funded by donations and through own enterprise (those able to work, channel the money to the home). Currently the orphans are accomodated in 3 residences:

i) Female Orphans

Address: No. 3 Jalan Desa 2/1, Bandar Country Home, Rawang
Type of Residence: Semi Detached, 3 rooms upper floor, 1 room ground floor
Monthly rent: RM500.00
Occupants: 16 females

ii) Male Orphans

Address: No. 35, 1/14, Bandar Country Home, Rawang (unit next door costs approximately)
Type of Residence: Terrace house
Monthly rent: Wakaf for 5 years
Occupants: 10 males, oldest is 15 years old
Caretaker: Ustaz Abrar from Jawa Timur. Came to Baitul Fitrah in early Ramadhan 2007 and will return back at the end of March 2008 to renew Visa. He leads the daily prayers and teaches Fardhu Ain, Arabic to the orphans

i) New Residence

Address: No. 46, Green Valley, Bandar Tasik Puteri
Type of Residence: Terrace house
Monthly rent: Wakaf for 5 years
Occupants: 6 small children

Before we kick off the program, currently we’ve identified some items for their wishlist. Should you want to contribute in any way (cash, electrical appliances, kitchen items, furniture, food & others), please do not hesitate to contact me. If you’re not comfortable in giving me cash, you can purchase the items and can present them yourself at Baitul Fitrah.

Electrical Appliances

6 Iron
1 Washing machine
2 Computers
1 Television
14 Lampu Kalimantang
5 Kipas tinggi
3 Jam dinding berloceng

Kitchen Items

6 Blenders
3 Rice cookers
1 Microwave
3 Cerek
2 Dining tables
2 Dapur gas
1 Tempat letak dapur
1 Rak dapur besar
2 Water containers


2 Double decker bed set
3 Almari baju (boleh gantung)
Tempat sidai kain
10 Tuition chair
10 Tilam
30 Pillow
2 Cabinet/book rack
2 Rak kasut
3 Rocking chair for babies


2 Big whiteboard
5 Baldi/dayung/bakul
6 Penyapu/penyodok/mop
Sabun Fab
Poster doa/ukiran
Botol susu
Baby's napkins



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