Dec 6, 2004

Konvoi Raya 2

it has been so tiring to us. We have been going here & there, hari raya mood is still on. Open house at Ajak (Abd Razak) at Alor Gajah on 4th Dec and Rahimi & Syuhairah.. Fahmy & Zarid house on Sunday, 5th Dec.

This picture was taken on 4th Dec- Saturday
(1)Mus'ab & Amirul.. Mus'ab already 6month, but as you can see, Amirul(4 month)are catching up with the size..hik hik..
(2)Halim.. testing power
(3)uhh. amirul doesn't feel like having a good time.. panas la mama..
(4)the mothers.. and baby.. (kesian Mus'ab & family, due to aircond problem.. they look like just coming out from sauna)

This picture was taken on 5th Dec- Sunday
(1)susun atur ikut chronology ..starting from me with amirul, zarid & yati.. pregnant mother.., jah trying to conceive, safurah who has just got engaged.

(2)one minute later.. busyyyy
(3)the man