Dec 21, 2004

5 month old Amirul Akmal & the Weddings..

Amirul is 5 month old. Curently developing his skills to putting everything into his mouth. Once he wraps his hands around something, he'll study it for a moment and then try to put it in his mouth.yupp.. yuppp.. anything.. myhand.. the towels.. his own shirt .. most of the time is both of his small hands.. ngapp ngapp..
Whenever he saw a picture of a person smiling or looking right at him.. such as tv's personalities on 8o'clock news.. even a large poster of female "Say NO to smoking!" (while we were stopping at traffic light) eventually he will smile and laugh a load. Hih hih..

Yesterday, we when to 2 wedding ceremony. The journey begins with Eza's wedding. We were supposed to meet Fahmy & the gang to attend Ika's house next. But after a long distance 'lost' at Eza's neighbourhood.. we only manage to reach her house at 330pm. At400pm, following Munir's car 'shortcuts' to AU5 .. I think we were the last person arrived at 430pm. What a day!