Jul 12, 2009

For Sale : HTC Cruise II; Sierra 3G USB Modem

Semalam kite letak iklan kat tepi jek...
hari nih buat entry full pasal jualan lelong phone & 3G usb data card...
Murah murah!!!

korang boleh bid di lelong @ contact me / MDH for details..
Kitorang jual murah gile nih.. sape nak beli..???

SOLD to Siti Zurina 17July09 -
 HTC cruise tuh teramat la baru.. lebih baru daripada HTC HD ku... nak jual RM1200 sahaja..

HTC Touch Cruise II Iolite T4242 + 4GB + Full Original Accessories.

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This is the new model of HTC Touch Cruise released in 2009. The condition of this set is like new, no scratch at all, screen is protected by screen protector. And it still have 9 months++ of warranty by SiS (up until April 2010). Therefore no worries, backed by SiS if anything happen u just bring it to SiS service center (the warranty card and original purchase receipt will be provided). Market price for SiS set is still around RM1.8k - RM2k, so RM1.2k with 9 months of warranty left is really a bargain!

The full accessories package will include (in original box-set):

1 x HTC Touch Cruise II mobile phone with 4GB micro-SD
1 x HTC Touch Cruise carry pouch
1 x original battery
1 x USB cable
1 x HTC original travel charger
1 x HTC stereo headset (unopened package)
1 x HTC original Cruise II car holder (unopened package)
1 x HTC original car charger
1 x extra stylus
1 x set of manuals & CD

As for the GPS software, there's Garmin Mobile XT installed preloaded with latest map from malfreemaps.com. There's also the pre-installed Papago X3 by HTC together with 1 unutilized map activation code. You can use this code to activate 1 Papago map of your choice.
The phone is bought from PDA Expert at Mid Valley, and they'll provide lifetime support for the software. Just visit their booth for any software related problems.
p/s : mahu di jual pada harga RM1200 sahaja.. market price new set 1800 - 2000.


Still available - Sierra Wireless Aircard 881U HSUPA / HSDPA / 3G USB Modem (7.2Mbps)

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Key Features:
- Speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps on the downlink and 2.0 Mbps on the uplink, on the latest HSPA networks
- Familiar USB connection
- Fully compatible with HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS, and GSM networks
- Supported OS: Windows Vista, XP, 2000, and Mac OS X
- Internal battery that supplements the power from the USB port when extra power is required
- Extra function - GPS receiver
* pls don't get confused as it is GPS receiver, still requires additional GPS software i.e. Garmin for PC to enable your notebook to function as navigator.

Key Benefits:
- Portable solution for enterprise & home use
- High speed wireless connectivity in more places than Wi-Fi, offering greater mobility
- Global compatible - support for latest HSPA technology, but backward compatible where unavailable
- Reliable connection and speed, even in fringe network areas

Package Includes (in Original Box) :
- A Sierra Wireless Aircard 881U USB Modem
- A Li-Poly Battery
- 3G watcher Manufacturer Installer software in CD (burnt to CD-R)
- Installation guide

I'll provide the original receipt of purchase, dated 29/03/2009 from Telventure Sdn Bhd. The warranty is for 1 year therefore it is up until 29/03/2010. Still got around 8 months++ of warranty left! This unit was seldom used, standby for out of office usage. Looking for fast deal. Thanks!

p/s: reason to sale.. juga sbb upgrade ke HTC Daimond 2 .. so data card tak gune lagi.. RM250 sahaja.. connection upload/download 3G is very good!!


Hany FF said...

hoho...post ini membuatku tensi. htc diamondku hilang 20 jun lalu (hari terakhir nampak di MMU Cyber). Tak boleh nak pk hilang kat mana...memang dalam beg je tempatnya. very safe place. argh!!!

masih menaruh harapan, kot Nufayl/Nuha main bubuh dalam bekas mainan ke. walaupun dah puas cari tak jumpa2.

skrg, no hp. tak ada rasa nak guna pun. biarla orang susah nak call. phone office/rumah kan ada.