Feb 26, 2007

My first ORENBIJAK™ course

course after CNY holiday. The course title : The Art & Science of Information Management for Peak Performance. I rated the course as 4 out 5. Why ?

+ they gave us free exclusive planner – I like note books, I like writing things down.. cover dia jek, nak beli sendiri dah dekat rm200.. heh heh..

+ it teaches practical ways to organize yourself.. and together with the tool (the planner), no dreamy, high level, philosophical terms.. you need to be like this and that.. bla blaa..

+ keep me on track of what I do, prioritization and organization of my information (before dtg course pun.. dah organize dah.. hah hah.. but more on personal; this time.. it teaches work organization – office mode..)

+ the food is good.. (free mesti ok) , the speaker is ok , well.. overall is ok…