Dec 27, 2006

just being myself

nothing interesting today in particular. just being me ((the eating blind salary type)). Doing nothing in the morning. browsing the web for no particular reasoning. And it hits me really hard (( I do bangs my head at door (mirror) while walking out from the building)) after listening to a lecture ((a real life story to be exact)) by a dear friend; which bring me back to sanity. I must not become like that..

I need to strengthen my motivation back.. a fresh one. 2006 is fast leaving us.. leave behind all the demotivating performance review, the fights, the blurred boss ((he still be around - but I can't close one eye for him - uhh)), all the bad memories, all the misery, unhappiness, sadness, depression, desolation, gloomy day, sorrow.. aaaarghh.. all the bad bad thing. Sorry .. I am being a bit negative thinker these days..

maybe this list will be my 2007 vision.

+ loose weight & being healthy (including my family) >> I hear another testimonial by user, who loose 7cm of his belly just continuing to eat HL for a month. Another one, who has eczema problem; all the symptoms do vanish extraordinarily after she starting taking HL. I need to committed with this thing.. hermp.. “Jangan hangat-hangat **** ayam aje.. “ . I will also try to sneak in HL in Amirul & Atiqah food/beverage or whatever.. heard HL also good for those who has asthmatic prob.

+ being responsible >> someone remarks me as “irresponsible” . It hurts very deeply hearing this, especially from someone I never expected it to come from. Therefore maybe I need to draft my responsibles. Maybe draft it in pc and print it out, and glue it both at my office desk and at my refrigerator @ home. To ensure I always be reminded.

+ maintain my positive attitude >> I have always think POSITIVE in every aspect in life. Even though some people criticize the way I judge things that happens to me, or my family or anyone. I will always said that things happen for a good reason. But recently, some how I was drag by my feelings.. my emotions.. which contradict my judgment. I was swept away with anger .. feeling frustrated all the time. Hopefully I can manage back my self. Being the simple me.. someone remind me this Resolve it calmly & don’t make it so hard. Hard thing will be harder… Simple and easy make things easier”

Suddenly I was out of ideas.. later dude.


myjulieyana said...

tabah ye semah.. life is full of challenges.. but that challenges will make you stronger and a better person.. always think positive okay? and hopefully Atiqah will get well soon..

yatipruzz said...

semah dearie, betul betul. Things happen for a reason, be it bad or good things. Another tip useful to be think of...if u choose to be happy, you'll be happy, if you choose not to, surely you wont be happy...the decision is yours, hence make full use of it to shape your life :)

ummi said...

alaaa cayang cayang bucuk..
*kalau ikut akak makan lunch td mesti happr2 je hari ni*

anyway, situasi kita kat ofis tu lebih kurang sama lah. tension bukan sbb kerja tp sebab sikap. siap kena marah on behalf lahh pulak, adil ke? but i choose to be happy and i believe what goes around comes around. tungggguuuu....

meh, esok kita makan kek nak?

siku|at said...

thank you dear friends.. glad to hear that many of you; do always be around if I needed someone especially in maintaining my emotional and mental health((hehehe)).

Ummi, belanje la kek ye.. heheh

yatipruzz said...

hehe yati jauh, kalo idak sure bley nyibuk dtg tpt semah cam dolu2 kat tgkt 15 kan :p

nak kek jugakkkkkkkkk...indulgence satu!!!

nnt la bila pi menara yati jenguk korang kat sana, bley pekena coffee secup dua, kak tie banjer yeyeye

siku|at said...

takpe.. jauh di mata, dekat di hati & dekat di blog..hehehhe.. ((sib baik tak kena depress mcm sesetengah blogger yang dilaporkan dlm thestar --> menjadi tak keruan capaian internet terganggu di sbbkan taiwan earh quake.

Teringat dodolu.. manjang jek ada muke yati @ hani termuncul kat dpn cubic kita, jah & lela. hehhe... kejap jek masa dah berlalu kan..

nurminah said...

kalau minat nk beli HL dgn saya..bley la msg sy kat ym - nurminah
sy kasi diskaun...klu x beli ngan sy pun takpe..klu nk tanya2 psl HL bley je msg..