Jan 2, 2009

my favicon

punye la tade keje..
hasilnye favicon utk sikulatLife telah terhasil..
kecik gile sampai blank nak letak ape jadik favicon..
udahnye settle dengan huruf SL = 'S'ikulat'L'ife

cara nak buat (credit to findhow) :

1. Design the icon and save it as png (ico is preferred, but it's harder to upload). The preferred resolution is 16x16, but i saved mine at 22x22 for greater quality, and it seems it works :) (i think 36x36 is the limit)
2. Upload the icon somewhere (photobucket, pages.google.com), and copy the link
3. Go to Edit HTML under the Template tab in your blog's dashboard
4. Find the follwowing line (Ctrl+f) :
5. Insert this code below it: (replace "URL of your icon file" with the link you've copied at step 2)
6. Save the template
In order to see the change, close your page, delete the temporary internet files from your browser and reopen your page


Farra said...

favicon tu apa ek?

sikulat said...

icon kecik menggantikan default icon blogger 'B' kat sebelah link blog tu..hehehe..

DzULhAFiZi said...

huhu...smpai ade free time design favicon...hebat2