Apr 17, 2007

OB : Chapter 1

Organization Behavior : Chapter 1: Restructuring

“Restructuring" I think my company likes this terms so much that they decided to restructure every now and then. Minor reorganization can be heard almost every days in our working life, that department.. that units.. combine here and there.. diminished that unit.. redundant job.. well.. personally I think this company .. nope .. I think the people are too busy with restructuring themselves rather than go and sell product to customer.. go and ask the staff… if you don’t believe me.. They manage to much of internal process than serving the customer. And another big wave of reorganization is coming very near.. maybe next month. In which ((with valid source on information – even my GM was telling me the news)) I will be transferred to another division.

It’s a welcoming news actually, as I have long felt the de-motivation of working with my current B. Err, but some says that the new B will more or less the same with current B. Well, I don’t mind.. just try to work out the best of me for another 2 year .. let see what happen afterwards la .. PASRAH. Transferred again and again.. I’m not that ambitious pun.. enough for me to have some salary, enough time with my family..& happy.. & healthy …. BERSEDERHANALAH.

I have applied for 2 day leave. Which leads me to a long holiday mood next week. Yey.. 7 straight day.. If only , we have receive our house key by then. Boleh move in masa tu.. ((waaa..waaa.. waaaa.. bile nak dapat kunci nih ??))

Okla.. off my note for today.