Sep 1, 2006


Cutiku bermula Rabu 23.8.06 dengan perancangan menonton wayang with MDH. Lama dok gih menonton, and eventhough Pirate of The Carribean mungkin dah basi utk ditonton, that was the best movie that we can consider worth to pay for that day. Other movie.. 'kite carik dvd la nanti.. tak pun kite donlod jek laa..". A bit frustrated when the movie ends with unexpectedly no conclusion and to be continued.. errrghh.. but still we enjoy johny deep acts in it.
MIL. FIL and BIL arrive that same evening and we started the plan the next 3 days events. After a long and many calls to all kind of resort in either kuantan, beserah or cherating, we can only manage to secure and book our 2 night stay at an unknown resort at beserah. We headed to kuantan the early next morning (all 7 of us , mdh, mil, fil, bil, 2 kids and I) with our matrix. Not sure why Atiqah won't sleep all the way the east cost highway.. but most of the time she was singing (i think.. are you sleeping .. are you sleeping - in her own vers). The resort was okay (fuhh- lega). For RM100 per night in school holiday, we get aircondition room, with pool facilities, mini zoo (cats, birds..) nice view of the sea. The activities ??
1 - tour kuantan (kompleks teruntum, kuantan parade)
2 - have a nice ikan bakar meals for dinner
3 - enjoying the hots sun of pantai cherating
4 - buying some souvenir (MIL)
5 - etc...
MDH has to work the 2nd night (this is the main reason, we went to Kuantan and not elsewhere) and both Amirul and Atiqah have a very high fever that night.. wallaaaa.. i could not get myself to sleep through all the night. Being keeping my full attention to wet amirul and atiqah forehead. We forget to bring the temperature meter (but based on my experience.. both the kids have at least 39+ or perhaps 40 degree temp). Ohh penatnyeee..!
HOME SWEET HOME.. sepanjang cuti-cuti kami di kuantan -cherating; budak2 tuh dedua tak *poo poo* . RIsau gak sbb dah masuk 3 hari kalau nak dikirakan. Luarbiasa tuh.. Me dan pesan kat MDH nanti kena beli echema (not sure la the spelling) yg guna utk orang sembelit tuh; utk spare kalau-kalau jadik teruk tak *poo poo* kekanak nih. And guess what.. sampai jek kat rumah, dedua kekanak tuh.. dengan jayanye..*****. Alahai, macamlah ada beza nye *poo poo* dalam pampers kat rumah dengan *poo poo* dlm pampers kat resort tuh. ISk isk..Kanak-kanak continue to demam until monday.. resulting both the parent (a.k.a me & mdh) on urgent leave last monday.