Sep 5, 2006


" If your child gets upset when you leave her now, she's right on schedule. Twelve to 18 months is prime time for separation anxiety — a psychological term that means your baby can't bear to be without you. The best way to handle painful farewells is to keep them short and sweet. Say goodbye with a quick kiss and head out the door. Don't sneak out, but don't prolong the agony with extended hugging and comforting. Your baby's tears will subside soon after you're out of sight. It's hard not to feel guilty, but in the long run you'll help your child become more independent if you don't hover. "

Selepas almost 2 weeks tak dihantar ke nursery. Kepulangan kami dari kerje disambut dengan seduan dari atiqah. Budak-budak kat nursery comments " sensitif betul dia hari ni kak, orang tak usik pun nangiss nangiss.. orang usik apetah lagi". Air mata still bergenangan.. mata nampak lebih sepit lagi.. aduhh duhh.. Ini baru mama & papa tinggal seharian kat nursery.. kalau kena tinggal seminggu ?? cemana nihhh..

p/s: haru biru plak rasa..