Sep 3, 2014

Fitbit Voluntary recall outside US and Canada

rash or no rash .. i manage to exercise my right (rarely ada product made i Malaysia sanggup buat gini) to participate  in the voluntary recall of fitbit force. 

official statement :

fitbit force malaysia ... takde jual kat store. berusaha nak beli tu.. siap pesan kat kak Siti (jauh nun kat US sana).. beli siap kena tunggu stock availability.. pastu kebetulan husband kak siti ada nak balik Malaysia (meeting).. oh kenangan !

love the gadget.. huhu.. but since its a worldwide recall and product discontinue ((menjangkakan nnt update software pun takde )).. and also we have the opportunity to get 100% back refund ((dah pakai 6 bulan tu)) .. why not kan kan!!

Alhamdulillah.. cheque sampai today .. (approximately 10 weeks daripada date berbalas email dgn refund center) .. beli dulu USD139. refund USD140 


Those who purchase Fitbit Force (and your are residing outside of US or Canada & you are unable to physically return the set)

Email to :

step by step how get your refund will be email to you. Simple aje pun (^ _^)

good luck! 

(gambar ehsan from google : rest in peace fitbit force)