Mar 14, 2005

growing up - bubbles.. mumbles..growl and roar

it seem as if, he got a new talent of singing with lips and blowing bubbles from his mouth. uhuh.. amirul gets so excited about this.. again and again.. singing and blowing bubbles.. "kuyup la baju tuh yayang.. isk isk.. " not only his own shirt.. mama + papa too.. hmp...

Another new thing he starting to show all of us is his way of showing disapproval and anger. Wow Wow… he can growl and roar at us while jumping back and forth in his walker. Disapproving things such as when his papa took his ‘toys’ away. We tested yesterday to see how far can he go with his disapproval; and as a result he cried aloud and cannot be settle down until the one who he get mad with comfort him.. hohoho.. *memilih* plak tuh.. hmppp….

Sleeping time is nicer than ever. At night, all I need to do is put him on bed & avoid any distractions i.e TV, light.. and the most important things is his papa from his sight. “As papa mean play and fun time for him”. Give him a bottle of milk and give him some space to roll back and over. Eventually he will drift away in dreams… hehe.. Good boy!


Juliana said...

:) tahniah semah for getting pregnant again! hehe.. murah rezeki awak ek.. teringat dulu susah nak dapat amirul.. skang Allah bagi senang plak.. Allah Maha Kaya.. semoga 2nd baby ni boleh breastfeed dgn jayanye.. =)

siku|at said...

ha.. tuh la..

eii...sape ade tips utk org2 cam kite ni ek?? for breastfeeding nih?