May 26, 2006

"6 Month Contract (extendable)
260 Hours per month
USD 5500 per month (+ Flights + Accommodation + Local Transportation etc)"

Finally the long await news reach MDH last night, and he need to decide by 10am today. I who actually has fallen to sleep at 9pm, was awaken by his present and stares in the dark.
sleepishly asking "ngape?" blink blink....

we had a serious discussion and could hardly get to close our eyes afterward, thinking and disgesting what is the best option for us..
it is a great offer.. monetary wise.. WOW!
but.. so many things to think about.. the children ? unpaid leave for me? his resignation? moving to *.. his pasport? the kids pasport ? what about our apartment ?to rent? everyone go there at one shot.. by stages? it is safe for us
to bring the kids there? are we going to leave the kids in malaysia.. or what if, he is the only who go there? what if i stay in KL with my sister? what if i stay at ipoh ??? and so on.. and on.. and bla.. and blaa.... many things to decide.. so little time that we had..
and the result :
".....sad to say that I have to decline your offer....."

uhuhhsss.. we have just letting go RM20K salary/month...
takpela.. bukan rezeki kami kot.. kerana kasihkan anak & isteri.. mdh has letting go his biggest & wilderest dream. Hmpp...

p/s: pening pening pk.. ?!