Mar 15, 2006

Annual Leave

we have planning to have this 2 days annual leave since 2 week ago, and actually manage ourselves to request via SURIA (those in TM's familiar with this) last week. Mine was approved almost immediately as my 'bigBoss' come into office and one good thing about him; whenever i'm on leave, he'll excuse for for all the things that come across him and waited till my homecoming then only he will bugs me around.

"Please attend"
"For your action"
"* will represent me"
"please provide"
yada yada.. yada... bla and blaa ..

As for MDH, it has been a normal practice for his officemet to tailed him around during his off days.. Urghhh!!! Have reminded him on this issues .. but he said.. "takpes.. nanti kalau derang call, papa cakap .. papa skrang kat Kuantan ke.. jauh aa dari KL nih.. tade la diorang soh wat bende bende merepek"

And as result.. yayy!
[1] call at 8.45am.. "Eh dzul.. yada yada.. yada...
[2] 9.00am "eh dzul......... tu & ini plak..
[3] 10-11am "Eh.. macammana.. lambat.. dah try dah.. tapi.. yada yada..
[4] 11.30-1.30 "silent moment" - yupp.. tade orang call sbb mdh off hp

as we walked out from the cinema.. ulala.. my phone has a missed call from mdh bos. Isk isk.. guest what; Mdh bos is calling him, asking Mdh to call his staff; to call vendor (walhal the bos & the staff is actually in the same office.. ler.. ngape la tak cakap direct jek). Due to tak tahan asyik kena phone aje, mdh decided to go to the office to settle all for once. And me.. ikut ajela.. ke opis... and bercuti la siku|at di JRC petang rabu tu..

The next day...

[1] thanks to MDH, for the lovely breakfast under the big tree.. and angin sepoii sepoii bahsa + with a view of anak anak monyet bergayutan di pokok kejauhanm [tak sangka tetengah KL nih, ada tmpt remote dan nice camtuh]
[2] thanks to MDH for his patience waiting me carik a new selipar; to ganti my comfit (bata) shoes yang dibeli last year due to selipar previous dah putus tali; and now the comfit pun dah haus dah tapaknya
[3] thanks to MDH for cari tmpt makan best for lunch; eventhough tak buka pun tmpt yg dia nak bawa tuh.. tapi okla.. gerai yang ada pun.. memadai dan sedap juga + murah pun murah..
[4] thanks to him; for making up balik the 'cuti' di habiskan di office die semalam [sib baik amik cuti 2 hari]