Jan 3, 2006

Getting rich with a mouse click...

Well, it has been so long since my last entry...
UAT session at Kelana Jaya and on annual leave for about 1 week ++ .. hehhe eventhough have access to internet 24/7 but 'agak bizi' to jot down mybizi timeline & tight schedule.

Err... as for the title above mentioned, I know that some people my be skeptical on the issues, so and so.. but nevertheless me & Dh has decide to 'whyNot' we try. It has to believe that how this company can give back to you 'your investment capital + profits' but few of us have receive their cheque, or withdraw their debit card depending on the profits gain. Some has even willingly to quit job for this simple rule of business (which we do not dare to do) grr grrr.. takot takot..

As a first timer, we only tested for $6 and autosurfing for 12 day. MDH has a balance to cash out $9.36.. got back his $6 and some additional money too. If you dare to invest more.. you'll get more.

Anyone dare to try ??
MdH sibuk study which is better - there a lots of company available, but this one gives lesser day to cash out and 12% profits daily. One of the top ranking website (utk yang seumpama dengannya). This is free to register.

in order to cash in & cash out your money, you will be needing a payment processor, they will charge you some if you use your credit card to funding. and when you cash out. Free to register also.

Interested ?? har har... scary but true. Contactla daku kalau nak tahu details..

Update on myKIds
Amirul - banyak dah bercakap nye..lebih lebih lagi mengajuk ape orang cakap.. berlari sana-sini, jatuh ke depan ke belakang.. terhantuk sane sini.. errgh.. risau sungguh ngan budak sorang nih.. asyik jatuh aje..

Atiqah - pun dah pandai bercakap, lebih-lebih lagi sambil tgk feveret cite "Bananas in Pyjamas".. berbuih-buih mulut monggel die berkata-kata.. siap ada turun naik nafas perlahan.. laju.. macam orang tgh bercerita la die.. hehhehe.